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"The Flipbook Cafe" 2014 Summer
"Fade Into U"

"The Flipbook Cafe 2014 Summer" is held at "ATERIER" in Hiro from July 18th to 31st 2014.
Its theme is "WASUREMONO" which means "what you've remembered right now". The most interesting thing is that various artists have produced flipbooks from each perspective with the theme.

My idea comes from a piece of abstract drawing I coincidentally found when I cleaned up my room lately. The drawing attracted myself, as if someone drew it for myself (I actually drew it a couple of years ago, though.. ), and it made me think "What would it be like if I animated it?".

I hope you'll drop by this atmospheric gallery and flip various works.

■ DATE: July 18. Fri - July 31. Thu 2014 / 12:00-18:30(not incl. Tue)
    July 26th Sat and July 27th Sun 2014 / 11:00-18:30, July 31st Thu 2014 / 11:00-17:00
■ PLACE: ATERIER 5−3−12, Minami-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo

movie is here :: http://vimeo.com/104166836

7月18日(金)〜7月31日(木)まで、広尾の「アトリエ」にて、「ぱらぱら漫画喫茶展2014 わすれもの」が開催されます。

私のアイディアは、最近部屋の掃除をしていた時に偶然見つけた1枚の抽象画のスケッチから。まるで誰かが私のために描いてくれたかのようにそのスケッチに惹き付けられ(実際自分でそれを数年前に描いたのですが.. )、「この絵を動かしたらどんな感じかな?」と思ったのがきっかけです。


■ 日時: 7/18(金) - 7/31(木) 12:00-18:30(火曜休)
7/26(土)・7/27(日) 11:00-18:30、7/31(木) 11:00-17:00
■ 場所: アトリエ 東京都港区南麻布5−3−12

コマ撮り動画はこちら :: http://vimeo.com/104166836
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"The Flipbook Cafe" 2013 Spring

This season's my theme is "5to7" based on 60s french movies.
I'm going to join this exhivition this spring again.
You'll have a good time to see various artists' flip-books at MOTOYA Book・Cafe・Gallery, for sure!
Also, a good news is, their flip-book works are available at the gallery as well as seeing them.
I hope you'll find your favorites to get among various forms of flip-books out there.

■ DATE: Apr 9. Tue - Apr 21. Sun 13:00-20:00(not incl. Mon)
■ PLACE: MOTOYA Book・Cafe・Gallery

また、今回の展示会場「MOTOYA Book・Cafe・Gallery」では、ぱらぱら漫画の販売も行っています。いろんな作家さんの様々な形の作品の中からお好きな1品を見つけていただけたらうれしいです。

■ 日時: 4/9(火) - 4/21(日) 13:00-20:00(月曜定休)
■ 場所: MOTOYA Book・Cafe・Gallery
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Valentine Exhibition
I'm going to join the exhibition of Valentine's Card held at Gallery Kingyo from Feb 2nd to 12th 2012.
Please feel free to drop by the gallery and check out various artists' cards during the term.

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Pioneer of Japanese Animation
Film Center provides us Noburo Ofuji's elaborate handcrafted animation works this year with "Taketori Monogatari" restored by Koji Yamamura who is one of the leading Japanese animators living.

(Noburo Ofuji passed away before fiinishing up "Taketori Monogatari" almost 40 years ago and Koji Yamamura had accomplished its works.)

It is a sensational experience to see his films, since I have thought that Czech handcrafted puppet Animation is way much better than Japanese one. however, my thought has completely changed.

Characters in his films look really energetic despite no sounds and his imagination to make them move is beyond amazing.

It makes me realized that I still love Czech Puppet Animation and also it is worthwhile to focus on Japanese creativity, there are tons of brilliant art works here in Japan.

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made me wonder!
I have taken herbal water since last Saturday.
It is mainly made of Echinacea, which is said to be a traditional herb of the early pioneers in North America.

The reason I began drinking this weird yellow liquid is that it is a component of a work of art, which is based on a story called the "Six Forest".

As I was walking down the street in Omotesando last Saturday with my friend, I ran into an apartment that includes several shops. At one of the shops I found the art work "Six Forest Herb Water". The shop clerks served us a sample.

First of all, I was surprised that I was directed to say the special magical words written on the bottle. It says;

'This charm would release the virtues of the herbal ingredients and unleash the potential hidden deep in the body.'

Until I came to this shop I had never seen such a mysterious drink, because I believed that art should be just looked at or listened to , but my conventional way of thinking was overturned by the herb water.

It is my habit to bring a new ideas into my daily life and I didn't hesitate to buy the "forest of taste".

The weird liquid reminded me of my subconscious desires to mix together fantasy and reality to calm down my hectic life and create a balance between my body and soul.

Six Forest herbal water really worked for me. I will keep going on new adventures that awakens my five senses and take me into the wonder of the Sixth Forest.
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