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a sequence of fragments

People's ideas, feelings, atmosphere, appearances, ...those are split into fragments lately,
because dimensions seem to be increasing as we grow and it seems that we've already noticed the fact inside us, and the phenomenon might already begin to bring us new way of communication as some people say lately.
In order to grasp what they are like, what they think, what they feel as a whole, I think we might regularly need to place the fragments in sequence, but it might not be always in chronological order.
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Mt.Fuji and Doraemon
I'd spent the longest time nicely placed for forays to Mt. Fuji with one of my friends last weekend. It's a fantastic place, where a Shibazakura pink, white, purple carpet horizontally widely spread out!!

It's so fabulous!!! really enough to invigorate us after going for a walk on its carpet.

and out of the blue, I'd come up with an idea that a household name "Doraemon" must be Mt.Fuji, who has a power to attract versatile people, things, nature...

It creates colorful, gorgeous flower carpet, lets birds singing, nurture various creature even under water.

It is said to be one of Japanese power spots, actually.

That's why I heard a song of birds a few days before going to Mt.Fuji. Can you believe that? no birds in my neighborhood...I was wondering if it was an invitation from spirit of Mt.Fuji.

Whatever it is true or not, it is no doubt that I have a little bit awestruck at its power.

Hopefully, I'll accelerate my exploring into a puppet world...keeping on working by my hands every day little by little to make my dream come true!!
(Maybe, I would be one of patient Gemini.)
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Hypericum androsaemum
fairy lives in ...

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I took a half day off on Friday to refresh myself. The place I went was "PASONA O2" which was a greenhouse inside a building. It is a three-minute walk from Otemach station and you could look around at various plants for free.

They grow flowers, herbs, vegetables and rice in the basement with cutting-edge agricultural technology, like the artificial light used instead of sunlight. For example, the flowers are living under a light of white LED, because it is kind of light to make them look beautiful. In terms of herbs, red light from a high presure natrium lamp accelerates the time it takes for them to bloom, and blue light from a metal halide lamp is also really important for them to gather nutrients.

What really interested me most was a meeting space surrounded by these kinds of unique plants. If a business meeting was held there, any project would go in a positive way thanks to the atmosphere full of negative ions.

Although I just went to this place for rejuvenation, the facility was build for residents of urban areas to develop an interest in agriculture. It also gives us an opportunity to be a agricultural intern. I never imagined plants could be grown in such a futuristic and artificial place untill I visited here...
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